Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith problems are unpredictable and can happen at anytime and anywhere. While some of can be scheduled to be fixed, some others require immediate assistance.

Emergency situations occurring at an inconvenient time can be particularly frustrating.This is why we at Beverly Locksmith remain available 24-7-36, including Sundays and holidays, to address your emergency needs.
No matter what problem you have been experiencing, we have seen and resolved it many times before.

Whether your need our service at 3 am or 3 pm, rest assured that our technicians will be with you in a flash and help you get out of your predicament in an efficient manner.


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Broken Key Services

Lost Keys

Losing your key is one of the most common mishaps. Things may take a turn for the worst when you do not have a spare key readily available, and you are locked out of your property. If it has happened to you, reach out for immediate assistance.

We will instantly create a new set of keys to help you to regain access to your property. 

Forgotten Keys

If you have forgotten your keys in your somewhere and are locked out of your home or office, call Beverly Locksmith for help. We will pick open the lock using specialized tools and create a duplicate key for you onsite.

Broken Keys

When you try to open the lock with a worn-out key, it might break, leaving you in a lockout situation. Call us for immediate help. We will safely extract the broken part and create a new key to operate the lock.

Key Locked inside the Car or House

If you locked your key inside the car or house and are now in a lockout situation, we are just a call away. We utilize advanced tools and techniques to open the lock without damaging it.

Frozen Lock

If you are unable to turn your key in your lock, chances are there that it is frozen and requires a repair or replacement.  Call us for assistance. We will repair or replace the lock as needed.

Key Stuck in the Lock/ Car Ignition

If your key is stuck in the door lock or ignition, do not attempt to open your lock with it, as it could only cause more damage. Call us, and we will meticulously pull out the key and restore it to its original shape.

Break-in/Attempted Break-In

If you have become a victim of a break-in or an attempted break-in at your home or office, contact us to change the locks to avoid a potential breach of your security again.

key Services

Beverly Hills Emergency Locksmiths You Can Trust

No matter when and where you come across a locksmith emergency, call us at 310(409)-4401 for the swiftest response, quickest turnaround time, and the most efficient service the industry has to offer.